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#1 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Low @ Great American Music Hall Sept 19th » 09-21-2011 11:16pm

i have nothing valuable to add, but i wanted to say that i was there and it was utterly glorious. i'm of shorter stature, so it took me a moment to realize the full magnificence of what was unfolding. however, when i saw kozelek on stage for "nothing but heart," i reeled with glee...and by the time he was back for "lazy" during the encore, i was sufficiently intoxicated and [according to nearby reports] pirouetted in absolute bliss and took somewhat of a tumble. sorry to my neighbors who had to put up with the nonsense, but in short, yes, oh my, yes, it was divine.

thanks so much to chris for capturing the magic on tape.

jason, were you there? don't you live in these parts now? smile

#2 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Mark's San Francisco gig this September » 09-09-2010 8:14pm

last call. i still have that one ticket available for row a. it's a shame to have such a fine ticket go to waste. please pm me if you are interested.

thank you!

#3 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Mark's San Francisco gig this September » 08-25-2010 8:55pm

lament wrote:

Rayna I can tweet something out if you want and pass on any contact info to you?

sure, tweet away, but just don't put me next to a weirdo. smile

#4 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Mark's San Francisco gig this September » 08-24-2010 10:12pm

hello there,

does anyone need a ticket to the palace of fine arts show? i have an excellent one in row a up for grabs, and the bonus/downside (depending on how you look at it) is that you get to/have to sit next to me. neutral

anyway, let me know.

thank you,

#5 Re: Music Discussion » Currently Playing... » 07-11-2010 2:00pm

just checking in after awhile of not keeping up with things... (probably due to the fact that i purchased tix to mark kozelek at the palace of fine arts this morning!!)

anyway, nickgarv7, i see that i'm a bit month late and maybe your rotation has changed up a bit, but your playlist mirrored mine almost exactly, except i'd swap out the miles davis for some pictureplane or underworld--so lovely to run to...

i can't stop listening to high violet, but then again my love for the national is beyond measure.

#6 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Mark's San Francisco gig this September » 06-26-2010 2:53pm

that is certainly something to look forward to! does anyone know when tickets go on sale?

also, i was just looking at and noticed the two los angeles dates as well. this may be a good excuse for a little trip down south....

#7 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 02/27/10 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco (Mark solo) » 03-02-2010 11:38am

i wish i could dismiss it as "a bad night," but that would mean he has had one nearly every time i've seen him since the early aughts. i actually often think it's endearing when singers forget their words and look to the crowd for assistance or just plain repeat themselves and muddle their way through songs; they're only human after all. the thing that kind of irks me is that he'll noodle his way through songs or play seeming medleys, which is a huge disservice to the obvious musical talent he has [not to mention the songs themselves]. the flamenco guitar stylings came through every now and then, and were the more riveting parts of the show ["si paloma" was not played, but i am completely taken by its sound and the sweet, playful way it ripples and rises...please pardon the non-technical language, for i don't know how to play guitar].

as for pics/video, security, acting on kozelek's behalf, requested that everyone check their cameras at the door...

take care,

p.s. it has been eons since i've posted, i think, so thank you for welcoming me back with your kind words. smile

#8 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 02/27/10 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco (Mark solo) » 03-02-2010 4:23am

i was very excited to catch mark kozelek in san francisco again at the stunning great american music hall, particularly since i've just moved back to the bay area from new york. that said, i must admit that my enjoyment of saturday's show stemmed from mostly personal reasons. i have been a fan of mark kozelek's songwriting and music for the last 15 years or so, and at this point, his luminous voice, heart-stopping lyrics, and sublime chords are tethered to my core in a way that can never come unstitched. i will forever be grateful to have his music in my life, but over the last few years, his live performances have often left me frustrated. he generally manages to sneak in a song or two that, for me, greatly redeem the set even when he forgets/repeats the lyrics ["all mixed up" is an example from saturday] because the song itself and the memory of that song--of when i first heard it, of the countless times i've heard it since, and how it still tends to melt even the parts of my heart that i thought recent months had frozen over--is so perfect and powerful that i don't think it could ever be diminished....but i wish that he'd actually play his songs the way he wrote/recorded them sometimes. wanting that, i can't help but wonder if i'm just a selfish fan. i mean i should feel privileged to know his music at all, but on the other hand, i feel for the new/newish fans. every show i saw of his/rhp in the 90s was absolute magic from start to finish [albeit a bit tense at times], and now it's like we only see glimmers of what could be. at one point, i jokingly whispered to my friend, "is he just getting old?" but i really don't think age has anything to do with it, at least not in the physical sense. but maybe passion does dull a bit as we grow older? i can only pray that is not the case, but, in his case, i don't know how else to explain it.

anyway, please excuse the useless nature of this post. i just wanted to chime in because although his performance certainly could have been more focused and inspired, the show truly made my bittersweet homecoming a lot sweeter.

thank you for reading,

p.s. [i am guessing the parties responsible for such egregious behaviour will not read this, but...] to the people who were standing behind me and who i finally worked up the nerve to talk to, it is NOT okay to converse incessantly during an acoustic set--or any show for that matter. why even bother coming??

#9 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » a couple of tour dates up on SKM and MK sites » 12-09-2009 10:09pm

just piggybacking on what sebbydee said:

i cannot wait to see mark kozelek in the glory of the great american music hall again. perhaps it will devastate me back to youth....

tickets go on sale this saturday:

take care,

#10 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 11/12/08 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (Mark solo) » 11-14-2008 1:55pm

lovely. thanks everyone. you have all succeeded in making me sufficiently jealous.

#11 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 11/12/08 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (Mark solo) » 11-12-2008 4:45pm

i can't go tonight. sad

so not only am i missing mark kozelek, but neil halstead as well. please post your reviews and make me jealous (and angry).

thank you,

#12 Re: Red House Painters Discussion » Former members of RHP! where are they? » 10-26-2007 1:49am

i thought i mentioned this before, but i guess not. that's what turning 30 will do to you, i guess...anyway, last i heard (sometime in 2005, i think), jerry was playing for a band in san francisco called six eye columbia:

but i just looked at their myspace page, and it appears he is no longer playing with them.


#13 Re: Site Suggestions/Comments » Testing.. » 06-15-2007 1:09pm

hello jason,

i hope you're getting desired results!


#14 Re: Music Discussion » the national » 06-02-2007 10:39pm

i, too, would recommend "alligator" as your entry point. from there, i'd get their latest, "boxer," and then the "cherry tree" ep.

and please, be sure to listen to the albums a few times before reaching your verdict. their songs often take awhile to crawl into your veins before settling in for eternity.

lastly, find them soon, jason. they are playing san diego on june 25.

take care,

p.s. if anyone wants me to send them a song or two, i'd be more than happy to do so...

#15 Re: Music Discussion » Built to Spill » 06-02-2007 10:30pm

just wanted to chime in and say that "keep it like a secret" is my favourite bts album, too. in fact, i didn't really care for them until i heard "else." it was all over after that...


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