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#1 Re: Music Discussion » Uncle Tupelo » 04-14-2010 4:33pm

My replies are rare and therefor must be well thought out and very informed wink

#2 Re: Music Discussion » Uncle Tupelo » 10-09-2009 1:32pm

Uncle Tupelo were just a great band, need to have that internal conflict to keep things from getting stale.  First Son Volt album was better than the first Wilco album, third wilco album was better than third son volt album, and every album after for each I have found uninteresting.

#4 Re: Red House Painters Discussion » Live RHP Videos » 10-09-2009 1:26pm

Hmm, I know I've got a black cat show somewhere

#5 Re: Ramble On » what do you do for a living » 10-09-2009 1:24pm

Huh, I can update mine, no longer working for that small business, now I design theatrical standees.. so you go to a movie theater and see those 3 dimensional cardboard cutouts promoting new movies? this guy worked on it...

#6 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 05/27/09 @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (Sun Kil Moon) » 05-28-2009 11:19am

That was the last song of the night, I didn't recognize it, but yes, lots of cities were mentioned

#7 Re: Gig Reviews/Setlist discussion » 05/27/09 @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (Sun Kil Moon) » 05-28-2009 10:00am

Blah, I'll say it... this was the worst Mark show I've ever been too.. and it has nothing to do with the venue.. Don't let it be said that I'm not a fan of Mark's music in all its incantations, I've seen RHP, MK, SKM, RGC, all numerous times.. But by god.

I did show up a couple songs short, thanks to a flat tire.. So maybe if I'd seen them it all would have been worth while, but I doubt it.  Mark seems to have lost all passion and dynamics in his voice, everything is just belted out now, and all the songs sound the same.. as soon as he picks up the twelve string I know it's going to be Duk Koo In Bilbao etc.

Just about everything off of April was played, and it's a sad day when Salvador Sanchez is the most dynamic song of the night.  If you're into long meandering guitar solos than you would have loved River and Make Like Paper, which as I recall were the only RHP tracks played.. Silly to expect otherwise, I know, considering it was a SKM show.. but still.. when you have a catalog of so many songs, and you know how the fans are, it seems silly not to give them a _little_ sugar.

The encore was Unlit Hallway, which I could swear he had already played (but this comes from everything sounding the same now), truckers atlas, which was nice to have a mandolin on for some dynamics, however, it was so half hearted.. the highlight of that song was phil on the slide guitar.

Bah, I don't know what else too say, maybe it was to having Mark, Jerry, and Phil back together and expecting some treats from the past, hell, I haven't seen them all on stage together in what? 8 years? whenever the Old Ramon tour was, maybe it was due to having seen My Bloody Valentine at the same venue a few weeks earlier and them being as amazing as I could possibly imagine, but whatever it is, this was not 30 bucks well spent.

#8 Re: Music Discussion » New (non Koz) CD's worth buying ? » 04-08-2009 11:27am

Been listening to Horse Feathers, acoustic, some strings, really pretty stuff

#10 Re: Red House Painters Discussion » The demos... » 04-08-2009 11:21am

I think it's worth it, that is if you can find them free.. Probably on most private torrent sites like or

#11 Re: Red House Painters Discussion » Red House Painters Font? » 03-21-2009 9:31pm

Open Caslon is an urban legend for the type face, as mentioned, the E is wrong and so is the leg of the R.. Someone should scan a high quality version and put it through see what that turns up

#12 Re: Music Discussion » Currently Playing... » 12-09-2008 4:44pm

Early Day Miners... great Los Angeles winter music.. though, los angeles and winter in the same sentence is pretty ridiculous

#13 Music Discussion » 2008 Album of the Year? » 12-09-2008 4:37pm

Replies: 30

Well, I have thought about it, and I'm sure I haven't heard everything to come out this year, but I have definitely heard my favorite album of 2008.  That being this unknown band out of Townsville Australia by the name of The Middle East. 

A google search will alert you to places you can give it a listen, as I believe the album is currently sold out.  But seriously, the production quality, the harmonies, the music.. everything about it is absolutely amazing.  My stumbling upon it was quite hilarious.. months back looking for some middle eastern fusion for an upcoming trip in joshua tree and it came up on, what the hell i figured.. and the rest as they say is history.

After months of sitting unlistened, it finally came on at work one day and I immediately started the track over to give it closer listen, then over and over.. and having sent it to multiple people since the reaction seems near universal, it is a truly amazing album.  Big moments of reverb wash, folkey picking of acoustic strings, distinct vocal harmonies and strong imagery from the lyrics, bells, horns, flutes, strings, the description sounds like it'd be all over the place, but it is all held together in a very dark mood.. even the one track on the album I thought was weak I have come to see the genius of.  So, check it out, you won't be sorry.  They also have a split ep which is even harder to track down, though there is a link in the comments.. a more light hearted feel to those songs, featuring the amazing "good as gold" but it too is also great. … -east.html

#14 Re: Mark Kozelek / Sun Kil Moon Discussion » Like the River on FX's Sons of Anarchy! » 09-07-2008 2:23pm

i finally just got around to watching that show whilst cleaning, my ears perked up when i heard it and i realized i didn't immediately recognize it...  how nice to come here and discover what it was

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