Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle: Perils From The Sea

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Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf: Perils From The Sea (Caldo Verde Records) - CD Release Date: May 14, 2013

'Perils From The Sea' is the debut collaboration by The Album Leaf's multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle and Sun Kil Moon singer Mark Kozelek (...)'

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    Hmmm sounds very interesting and a new sound and dynamic will be great to witness.Might have to go see them in London next May.Havent heard that much by The Album Leaf but do remember a track on a Sub Pop compilation which I really liked.

  • Great news! Three albums in one year!!? + all the live albums and desert shore stuff! He has really been in a creative flow the last couple of years. So hopefully we will get to hear the new songs with drums and keyboards! I wonder if the song "bon scotts grave" is on there as well?

  • But hey! "bon scotts grave" = "baby in death can i rest next to your grave"?

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    Holy crap! So he HAS thought about collaborating with new folks! Not sure if this'll be good, but I do like The Album Leaf, especially the songs where he doesn't sing. Together with Mark, it COULD be really interesting.

  • if you ask me, i think this is pretty damn exciting.

  • very excited.

    getting a little out of control with these early announcements though... now we have to wait six months!

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    You Missed My Heart with Synthesizers?

  • after hearing the "drum loops" reference in the lyrics for Lonely Mountain, I had secretly been hoping for some electronic/synthetic instrumentation from the Koz - though I never thought it would actually come into fruition?!

    a very pleasant surprise, indeed.

    guess Mark has a few curve balls up his sleeve after all...

  • This was moved up two weeks! New release date is April 30.

  • wahoo!

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    I'm really looking forward to this, I didn't think Mark's three new songs would get a proper release so soon, and definitely never expected them to feature in a collaboration rather than his own solo album. I have high hopes for this album!

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    Yeah likewise Seamus I think this should be a fantastic collaboration but the fact that they havent come up with a 'new' name for it makes it likely its a one-off.Some of my favourite RHP songs have piano accompanyment so the change of sound can only refresh things.Its weird that with all the free live cds given away it certainly appears that Live in Melbourne will have a price tag.

  • artwork available on caldo verde page !

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    tiny tiny.


  • Very cool. All the songs will have that electronic instrumentation I'm pretty sure of that . Just a gut feeling. Mark should release a live acoustic compilation of all the songs on the record after the next tour.

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    Pre order is up on Caldoverde now.

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    Ordered! Thanks for the heads up. Now wait 2 years till the vinyl version?

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    Ordered mine too, Perils From The Sea Comes as a LIMITED LYRIC BOOKLET EDITION CD + Live At Mao Livehouse Shanghai & Beijing, if ordered via Caldo-Verde!!!

  • Already sold out of the limited edition, eh? I wonder how many copies there were to begin with.

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    Lyric book edition is sold out already.. seems odd to sell out in less than 24 hours.

  • god dammit how many of these fucking things can i miss.

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    It's got to be a glitch or an error in inventory. Did we even know there would be a "LIMITED LYRIC BOOK EDITION" prior to this? And how many is "LIMITED"? 500? 20? Let's say they only printed 100 "LYRIC BOOK" editions (which I seriously doubt)--are there that many Album Leaf fans and Sad Reminders dudes who just happened to be up at 3:00AM EST and looking at Facebook or checking the Caldo Verde site at that time? It's possible but that seems really far fetched.

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    What? Did they only have 10 copies? That's just great..

  • someone needs to write an android app to make my phone get up and dance whenever caldoverde's website is updated

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    Remember when albums came with lyrics automatically? Now it's a feature only on limited edition versions. Gimmie a break.

    Well either way, I'd love to pre-order this if they actually made more than 3 copies and gave some of us a chance to order one.

  • talk about failing to properly gauge market demand.

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    When will the Album Leaf Army (ALA) finally take responsibility for this attack?!?!?!

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    Great, the limited edition is gone whilst most of us are sleeping! Disappointing that Mao comes as the free live disc when most of his fans already received it with Like Rats / Phoenix. There's gonna be a few spare copies of Mao knocking around! Come on Mark, can you not offer a live disc that we don't all already have?

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    I just got lucky because here in Europe it was 10 o clock in the Morning and I have 2 days off from work, can`t believe it was sold out that fast! And now I will have 2 copies of Mao, beacuse I already recieved one with the RATS Album, too. (like Thunderbolt said before)

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