Smokey piano cover

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Hey there everybody,

Back in the heady days of 2006 I recorded some covers very roughly, posted a link to them here and got a response I never expected - a very positive one. You see, when you hold someone in such high regard as most of us do Koz, taking his work and putting one's own spin on it can be a recipe for being shooed out of town with broomsticks. Anyway, that thread (at ) was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Now all these years later, I have recorded one more cover - Smokey - with slightly better equipment, and a bit more of my own flavour, and I humbly present that to you, my fellow dragonflies.

it's here:

I hope some of you like it.



  • gj bro i dig it

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    This is brilliant! I love the way you did this, you have a great voice! And your piano skills are amazing too.

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    i like it. Sufjan Stevens does Kozelek. I kept expecting drums and sub-bass to come in for some reason. Covers should be different like this.

  • Man this is super. Given I'm about to post a very straight-ahead cover of the same song you've just killed me :) But the world needs more covers like this one. Please do more!!!

  • Thanks so much guys, from the bottom of my ego. When doing a cover, if you can get fans of the original to appreciate it, well that's kind of a great validation of your efforts. My favourite covers are those that put a different spin on the original, I think I managed that here.

    Love you guys... There will hopefully be more coming, although for now my focus is on finishing some of my original stuff.

    Thanks again, you've made me very happy!!

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    ahem... bump :) I just heard this again after a long while... thought maybe some people who didn't catch it before could check it, yo. I won't bump it again :) Much love

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