12/16/18 @ Chico Women's Club (Mark Kozelek)

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Long time lurker, first time poster! I saw Mark last night in Chico, CA, for the Butte Strong Benefit concert. This was my second time seeing Mark this year (first time was a Sun Kil Moon show in Sonoma, also a fire benefit). Last night's show was just Mark and piano (played by Patrick Main, their first time playing live together). Really strong vocal performance from Mark and a great show to cap off the year. I've posted a (pretty lengthy) review here, in case anyone would like to read it. The setlist was as follows:

Night Talks
Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails
666 Post
This Is My Dinner
My Love for You is Undying
I'm Not Laughing At You
The Mark Kozelek Museum
2000 Miles
Christmas Time Is Here
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
A Dream of Winter


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    Great review @ajsimpson91 & I really like your writing style 👌

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    nice review! :smile:

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    Yes great review thanks so much for posting. I totally agree on the criticism of Mark's attitude being overblown for clicks. He's mildly grumpy, sure, and it's great that he puts up with no shit from attention-demanding idiots at his gigs.

    It's been said by other people, but we're living in an era that's too often more interested in judging the person than it is the art. Fuck that. I make no demand that any artist have a pleasant, gentle and uncomplicated personality. The older I get, the more I realise that the best, most interesting people are the ones with sharp edges. It's one of the reasons I love MK.

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    Yeah, I was kind of satisfied with the second time I had ever seen the Koz even though he only played guitar on a couple of songs and instead accompanied himself with a drum while mostly screaming out the lyrics. Between songs he would insult the audience for coming out of a town that sounds like a stomach disease. Best worst concert I ever went to and that's no joke.

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    @DonaldDuckKooKim said:
    Best worst concert I ever went to and that's no joke.

    From my experience you do get that with his shows. It's either that or the other extreme, the best concert of your life. There's no in-between. One show may be a fucking disaster, the next night it might be magical. Strange...

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