LOOKIN FOR LIKE-MINDED SKMoon Heads ... Wanna converse...Hit me up!!

I've been to 6 MK shows....Goin to Town Hall in NYC, anyone wanna meet before? legit? I have a ticket, so not lookin for any scalpers...actually they could piss off, those scalpers, seen 'em in Brooklyn, they're pricks...lets meet before show,, but chat first...Peace


  • I'm thinking about making a trip from Chicago to NYC to see him (just for fun, since I haven't been there in a while). If that pulls through, I would be mega down to meet up and chill!

  • Yeah my email is mkoch10@gmail.com, if you do make the trip let me know...It would be very cool.

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    You or anyone in New York area a musician and down to play music sometime? Always open to jam Duk Koo Kim style.

  • Dude, we can jam Duk Koo Kim for hours and still be wanting more....great song.

  • I don't live in New York (maybe one day) but I doubt he'll play anywhere more convenient for me, and this is pretty close to my anniversary, so we may make a trip up for it.

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