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    demented and fascinating

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    I think we know what the yellow is in the kitchen.

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    I think Mark is now entering his Yoko Ono phase.

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    @KozFan said:
    I think we know what the yellow is in the kitchen.

    The phlegm from his cough?

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    I was thinking of pissing on his fans.

  • This sound has no what point do post-benji fans admit he's taking the piss charging for this shit?

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    I love this album but get the hate. For many of you it's like being a fan of the Walker Brothers then hearing The Drift or Bish Bosch

  • You're implying there is something of the avant garde about this release...I don't hear it, it's just bad

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    And you don't think Walker Brothers fans would be as dismissive of Scott's Donald Duck impersonation and fart sounds? again, I get the betrayal, but it's kind of silly to say the sound just has no merit

  • I'll skip this one in the hope that he brings out another 'sings favourites' or another Christmas collection. Now they were nice.

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    I'm still wondering what that last 20 seconds or so at the end of daffodils is all about? Some big fight with his girlfriend? They broke up? If so, it might make the next album more interesting? I can't hear the phase "my girlfriend Caroline" anymore on his songs. Yeah yeah, well done, you've had a longterm girlfriend at the age of 50! The Katy stuff is still touching, but that might end up getting tiresome too!

    I do, err, kind of like this album. I don't know why but I find myself playing it every day.

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    Isn't he still talking about Katy at the end? The line "I lost part of her to an illness along the way" hit me. Most poetic Mark's been in a while. I know there's already April, but it's interesting to hear him talk about his grief so explicitly here. But yeah, let's hope it's not overused.
    I'm not sure how many more "my girlfriend Caroline"s I can take either. I was skeptical when I saw two tracks here had "love" in the title, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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    I can't help it, the beginning of "No Christmas Like This" somehow reminds of this:

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    This quote from the above linked review, sums it up succinctly for me. (You wrote it yourself, yes?)

    "He’s surely losing fans with sub-par release after sub-par release. Or just having a laugh at them as he disappears up his own hole. It’s just sad that somebody who wrote some of the most sensitive, evocative songs of his generation is pissing about doing this."

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    @klaher I've always enjoyed your reviews and I thank you for your honesty in this one. It has enabled me to resist the temptation to remove the shrink wrap from this CD. I thought given the comments so far, I'll do something I never normally do and listen to the whole thing online. Having done so, I will not even bother opening the wrapping on the CD. I will be selling this on eBay but feel slightly guilty and sorry for whoever buys it because it really is a poor release.

    Musically dull and boring save for perhaps 'Reasons', I normally give a few plays before commenting and forming an opinion but after one play I have genuinely no desire to hear this release again. We have sadly had to get used to Mark's new lyrical style, but could anyone really take repeated listens of this crap, with him going on and on about his health issues over turgid music? He has taken the piss out of me for the last time, as I shall now never buy a record of his without hearing it first. What is the point in being a completist if it involves buying complete crap and you no longer like what it is you're hearing?

    I have defended Mark many times but his output IMO is getting worse and worse. I thought that 'Common' was bad but this is just really really poor.

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    @Thunderbolt I agree with you. Which depresses me. I will go and see him in Dublin in November. I actually don't want to hear songs like his old stuff. I thought Universal Themes had 2-3 really strong songs, but that was the last album of his that I got anything out of

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    I thought 60 Seconds To... had some really strong songs on it, as well as Night Talks. Common As Light... was not so great (Might be an understatement), but I was really looking forward to this one. Guess I'll just have to hope for the next one to be better... The good thing is with Mark, that next one is only two months away. I'm still onboard and probably always will be.
    The guy has made some of the best records of the past 30 years and for me, he gets a lifetime pass.

  • Posts: 74's been so long, I've just spent 5 minutes trying to remember my password. I digress...

    Yellow Kitchen : purchased in a moment of weakness.

    So... I don't want to be all negative, again, so I'll just say that it's "very challenging to listen to"

    Ah. Fuck it. It's dog shit. I'm out. I'll just stream stuff once from now on and have fingers crossed that this is all just a very long temporary blip.

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    @SaintDan welcome back. My thoughts are very similar to yours. I can't remember where this is to quote from, but as somebody said on this forum not too long ago, "I barely have time to listen to music I DO like, let alone music I don't." I think something has to connect on first listen, and it just hasn't for me this time. I don't feel like something will click after 5 listens, I just don't feel I ever need to hear this record again.

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    For those on the fence as to whether to buy the CD or download be aware it is a digipak with no artwork other than the color yellow and no lyric sheet.

  • Yet Koz gets a photography credit.

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    I think 'No Christmas Like This' is the nadir in a long list of recent low points. It's abysmal shit.

    His gig in Dublin in November will be the first time I pass on a Mark Kozelek concert here since 1999. I'm out too.

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    First song talks about Anthony Weiner and Monica Lewinsky.

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    @KozFan said:
    First song talks about Anthony Weiner and Monica Lewinsky.

    And actually has a reference to Gustavo in it (not by name though)! It's the highlight of the whole record.

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    I feel sorry for the 21-year-old girl at the vitamin shop who has to tolerate flirty banter from the creepy middle-aged guy.

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    I feel it should be pointed out that this is a short-run limited edition side project release. Would you really expect one of those to be much cop, even from an artist at the height of his powers? I can certainly understand why Noise Annoys and others have given up on him, but this particular release seems an odd place to draw the line in the sand.

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    @Sergei_Walankov said:
    I feel it should be pointed out that this is a short-run limited edition side project release. Would you really expect one of those to be much cop, even from an artist at the height of his powers? I can certainly understand why Noise Annoys and others have given up on him, but this particular release seems an odd place to draw the line in the sand.

    I would expect it to at least be listenable. He is disappearing further and further up his own colon, this time his laziness even extends to not bothering with a lyric sheet and taking a photography 'credit' for having a plain yellow sleeve.

    If I had played this release to a friend, they would probably not speak to me for a long time afterwards. We have said for a few releases now that he is not winning any new fans (ok, maybe a small number, inexplicably to me, with Benji) but he is increasingly pissing off existing fans and losing them. He doesn't even give a shit.

    Yes, he can do what he likes as an artist, he has his own record label (would anyone sign him?) and can therefore put out any old garbage, which he is increasingly doing. Nothing will take away how great much of his music is, but the path he is going down is increasingly bizarre, disturbing and unrewarding to many fans, myself included.

    I notice there are very few (are there any?) positive comments about this release on here. That tells it's own story. No wonder it's a limited edition. It's hardly gonna sell 20,000 copies is it?

  • The number of fans he won with Benji very clearly isn't as small as that. I am among their number. On the Live at Phoenix Public House, Melbourne album, recorded in 2012, he was playing at a pub to what sounds like at most 200 people. When I saw him in that very city two months ago, he played to a more-or-less full Melbourne Recital Centre, capacity 1000.

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